About me


Anouk is a project conceived by Anna Monaco and was born out of the desire to merge the themes and languages ​​that characterize her work and her artistic research.
The themes come from her land, from the places where she finds strong connections, from myths and legends, from sacred art and ancient statuary. A kaleidoscope of light, color, matter, and nature feeds her production.

Anna’s artistic training is the evolution of her initial studies at the art school which then further deepened at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, where she got graduated in Sculpture. There she had the opportunity to find the artistic and cultural references that influence her production.

Albeit the sculpture does offer her the tools to learn about materials and to experiment with different techniques, it is essential in determining Anna’s approach and method in her entire body of work.

During her studies at the Fine Arts Academy, she got enraptured by analog photography becoming interested in the photographic language and medium. That led Anna to approach photojournalism.
The first step in her career as a photographer was by joining the Agenzia Controluce. She became a member of the Italian Union of Journalists and she had collaborations with national and international newspapers and magazines.

Anna is a freelance photographer. Her photographic research currently embraces the photographic portrait. She also teaches portrait photography at the Neapolitan headquarters of the Rea Academy.